Education & Community Outreach

Association Work

The stone carvers and masonry artists at Traditional Cut Stone are dedicated to preserving excellence within the stone carving industry. Our goal is to pass down traditional stone and concrete restoration techniques to the next generation through preservation education and outreach.

That’s why Traditional Cut Stone’s leadership team is active in North America’s top masonry contractors associations including

  • Association for Preservation Technology
  • International Concrete Restorers Institute of New York
  • Canadian Association of Historical Preservation
  • Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America
  • Indiana Limestone Institute of America
  • Allied Stone Industries
  • The New York Landmarks Conservancy

Willowbank (School of Restoration Arts)

In 2013, Traditional Cut Stone donated a number of traditionally carved pieces to Willowbank’s Heritage Arts & Crafts Museum to illustrate the history of the trades and inspire young masons in the stone carving industry.

Throughout 2014, Traditional Cut Stone will host Willowbank students in the carving and art studio where students will have the chance to talk with Traditional Cut Stone’s team including master stone carver Lawrence Voaides. The goal is to help students better understand both the artistry and technology behind stone carving and historic preservation.

Ontario Masonry Training Centre

Traditional Cut Stone has a long standing relationship with the Ontario Masonry Training Centre. We regularly donate new stone and old stone restoration pieces to provide students with real-life examples on which to work.

For example, after completing the steeple at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Traditional Cut Stone, with St. Michael’s approval, donated the old steeple parts to the school. These donations provide valuable training to future conservators and stone preservation experts.