Founded in 1998, Traditional Cut Stone Ltd.  is a partnership between David Tyrrell, Richard Carbino and master stone carver Lawrence Voaides.

Our founders are passionate about the time-honoured art of stone carving and restoring the beauty of a vanished era.

With 45,000 square feet of workspace and the largest number of traditional stone carvers under one roof in North America, we specialize in large-scale restoration projects such as; Minnesota State Capitol, Toronto’s Old City Hall and St. Michael’s Cathedral.

We set the standard for stone restoration and fabrication

We work with limestone, sandstone and marble, and we stock over 20 different materials at any given time. Our artistic process includes hand drawn renderings, scaled clay maquettes and full-sized plaster models.

Stone carvers and masonry apprentices are encouraged to express their individual styles within the architectural boundaries set by the client, architect and master carver.

This process hasn’t changed in thousands of years and few stone fabricators in North America can replicate this old-world attention to detail.

The result is brilliantly executed and richly textured stonework that transcends both time and style.



Architects, engineers and builders choose Traditional Cut Stone because they know we deliver award-winning results that surpass their expectations.

That’s why, in 2012, Traditional Cut Stone contributed to five of the eight projects nominated for the Heritage Toronto Awards. Other award winning projects that feature our stone work include the R.C. Harris Filtration Plant (2013), Palm Beach County Courthouse (2009) and Tweed County Courthouse (2004).

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Keeping Tradition Alive

Stone carving was traditionally passed down from father to son. We honour that tradition. In addition to working with numerous stone carving apprentices, two of our three principals have sons who are actively working or apprenticing at Traditional Cut Stone.

In addition to our association work, we take a special interest in stone carving and masonry education through our association with The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art  and Willowbank School. We regularly deliver educational workshops to budding masons, engineers and architects and donate stone restoration pieces to the Ontario School of Masonry.

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